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Amy McMullen, Library Director


Amy is new to the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library. Along with the day to day running of the library, Amy also teaches library skills class to the students of the Cavendish Town Elementary School.

Amy may be contacted directly at

Board Meetings

We invite members of the community to attend our regular library board meetings. They are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 5:30 on odd numbered months. Members of the community are welcome. Please call for more information.

Library Board Members

Peggy Svec, Board Chairman, Director

Carolyn Solzhenitsyn, Director

Sandra Russo, Treasurer, Trustee

John White, Trustee

Sara Stowell, Secretary, Trustee

Dave Gallagher, Trustee, Treasurer

Bob Evans, Trustee

Cheryl Braucht, Director, Vice Chair

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