The Cavendish Fletcher Community Library is located in downtown Proctorsville, Vermont, adjacent to the Cavendish Town Elementary School at 573 Main Street Proctorsville, VT.

A Letter to the Community

Dear Patrons,


In light of recent events, the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library is implementing new security measures.   The library will be open exclusively to the school before noon and open for community patron use from noon until 7PM, Monday through Friday. 

School age students will continue to be welcome in the library after school either as part of a structured program, or with parent permission.


These new hours were agreed upon during meetings with the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library Board of Directors, Meg Powden school superintendent, and school principal Deb Beaupre, as well as community input.


We live in a time where nothing can be taken for granted and every action, however innocuous it may seem to some, may foment fear and anxiety in others.  Therefore, we have proactively instituted these new hours and policies. The Library will also be offering safety classes and behavior modification tips which will be compulsory for all staff and available to anyone interested. The safety and well-being of our students, faculty and staff is our first priority and we strive to continually keep abreast of new techniques and modalities for reducing and eliminating stressful situations.  


Our library is an integral part of our community--providing so much more than books! Internet, news, movies, community events and research materials are necessary to a vibrant and thriving community.  We are fortunate to have such dedicated professionals: library, school and town, at the ready to serve our needs and address situations as they arise.


We would like to thank the community for their support while we were able to create and implement a plan which gives maximum access to all patrons while trying to ensure the safest possible library environment.


As always, we welcome the input and feedback from our community members and we look forward to seeing you in the library.


Kata Welch

Welcome to the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library!

Our Story

We were formed through a grassroots effort in 1990 replacing two smaller libraries and giving the Cavendish Town Elementary School a school library for the first time.


The Cavendish Fletcher Community Library serves as both the town and school library for Cavendish and Proctorsville, which allows a small town to have a full-time library during the school year. Library classes for CTES students are taught on Mondays, and the library is closed to the public. It reopens for public patrons on Tuesdays.

The library contains approximately 14,000 items including books, movies, audio books and over 30 periodical subscriptions. We have four computers available for patron use and provide free Wi-Fi.

The library serves the community with several programs including after school children's programming, a summer reading program, and an adult book club.

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